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One-Hour Aqua Fitness Session at Zennon


Aquatic Energize: One-Hour Aqua Fitness Session at Zennon

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Aquatic Energize: One-Hour Aqua Fitness Session at Zennon
Dive into a high-energy and invigorating one-hour Aqua Fitness session at Zennon! Experience the perfect blend of water, music, and positive energy as our certified instructors lead you through a dynamic workout in our state-of-the-art pool. This aquatic fitness session is designed to strengthen your body, boost your stamina, and uplift your spirits, all while having a blast with a group of like-minded individuals.

Zennon Heated Aqua Fitness Pool

Price: 80 Euro per group (up to 8 people)

Aqua Fitness Session Inclusions:

One-hour Aqua Fitness session with energetic music
Certified and experienced instructors to guide and motivate you
Access to Zennon’s top-notch aquatic facilities
Complimentary mineral water to keep you hydrated
What to Expect:
Our Aqua Fitness session incorporates a variety of exercises such as aqua aerobics, water resistance training, and body sculpting moves. The buoyancy of water reduces impact on joints while providing excellent resistance for a full-body workout. The uplifting music will keep you moving, and the positive atmosphere will inspire you to push your limits and have fun throughout the session.

Experience Requirements:
No prior swimming experience is necessary, as this session is conducted in shallow water. Participants of all fitness levels are welcome, and our instructors will tailor the workout to suit individual needs.

Please Note:

Hours 9:00AM-10:00AM
Pre-booking is required to ensure availability
Participants should arrive at least 15 minutes early to complete registration and change into appropriate swimwear.
Towels and locker facilities will be provided for your convenience.
Get ready to make waves, improve your fitness, and have a splashing good time at Zennon’s Aqua Fitness session! To book or inquire about available dates, please email

Join us for an energetic water workout that will leave you feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the world!

Dive in and embrace the Aqua Fitness experience at Zennon – where fitness meets fun!


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